3 ways to use Superfood Powders in food manufacturing

3 ways to use Superfood Powders in food manufacturing

3 ways to use Superfood Powders in food manufacturing

At Franklands Foods we are passionate about superfoods. Our range includes but is not limited to, Acai Powder, Organic Beetroot Juice Powder, Organic Wheatgrass Powder, and Organic Kale Powder. We specialise in wholesale superfoods which means you can purchase Bulk Superfood Powders for your business and enhance your product offerings. Some of the uses for Superfood Powders in food manufacturing are explored below.

Superfood Powders perfect for smoothies

Elevate the nutritional value of your smoothies by incorporating superfood powders into the mix. Acai Powder blended with banana, blueberries and your choice of milk will make a delicious and nutritious Blueberry Acai Smoothie loaded with antioxidants. At Franklands Foods, we are proud to say that our Acai powder is 100% Natural, Non GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan.
Our Organic Cocoa Powder is also NON GMO and certified organic. Add to a banana smoothie to create a delicious Choc Banana flavour which is rich in iron, magnesium and antioxidants, all while knowing you are using the highest quality, natural ingredients.

Wholesale Superfood Powders: A must for juice manufacturers

Adding Franklands Wholesale Superfood Powders to your juices will increase the nutritional value and provide a host of benefits for your end consumers, giving you a competitive advantage. One healthy and delicious combination could be Beetroot and Apple Juice using our Organic Beetroot Juice Powder. Another great pairing is Spinach and Apple Juice using our Organic Spinach Powder. Alternatively, you can simply add our organic Wheatgrass Powder to any juice products to provide added health benefits such as aiding detoxification, stimulating metabolism, stabilizing blood pressure, improving sleep, and reducing fatigue.

Natural Superfood Powders add nutrients to breakfast cereals

The addition of superfood powders into your products elevates their nutritional value and provides an additional selling point to health-conscious consumers looking to increase the nutrients in their existing diet.
Adding superfood powders to the manufacturing process of breakfast cereal will immediately improve the nutritional value of the product. Your end consumers will be thrilled to get an added dose of nutrients in their morning meal and you will be able to boast the benefits of our natural and organic superfoods to sell more products. The addition of Acai Powder, for example, will mean more antioxidants in every spoonful of cereal. Similarly, adding our Organic Cocoa Powder gives a boost of iron, magnesium, and key minerals to promote health and well-being. To learn more about how our superfoods can enhance your products and your business, visit our website.

Where can I buy Bulk Superfood Powders?

Franklands Foods is a wholesaler and supplier of Natural and Organic Superfood Powders in Australia. To order, send us an enquiry here or call 1300 399 746.