About Franklands Foods

Franklands Foods is one of Australia’s leading organic food suppliers known for the manufacture and distribution of some of the finest quality organic products on the market today.
We are passionate about food ingredients, superfoods and spices and have worked in the Organic Coconut Products industry for over 30 years.


The finest quality organic products

Why Choose Franklands Foods?

✔ 100% Australian owned

✔ Best in the market for Order to Delivery lead times with local stock availability in Australia.

✔ Vertically integrated company with own plantations,
manufacturing and R&D facilities, hence offering competitive pricing

✔ Customers are always encouraged to visit our processing facilities in Sri Lanka

✔ Commitment to work with our customers on new product development

✔ Partnering approach with longer term price commitments

✔ Our expertise, reliability and internationally accredited quality processes

✔ Local Australian sales & distribution networks

✔ Pick up option available from Melbourne warehouse

Franklands Foods

Our packaging solutions

10 - 11.33 kg Bags
Organic Coconut Products Tub
4lt Tub
2oLT Tub
20kg box
commercial bladder
1000 kg IBC Tank

Production & Facilities

Franklands Foods have over 30 years of experience in the food industry and are quickly becoming a trusted health food
and superfood wholesaler and distributor throughout Australia.

We offer organic and conventional wholesale products at very competitive prices. Bulk quantities of organic coconut,
superfood, spices and dried fruit products are available to order here.

With 3 production facilities in Sri Lanka and over 600 acres of productive organic coconut producing land, Franklands Foods owns and operates its own organic certified, GMO-free farms in Sri Lanka, producing some of the finest organic coconut products on the market today. Our UHT production facility in Sri Lanka is BRC A grade certified and has the capacity to produce 30 metric tons per day.

Franklands Foods are well-positioned as both a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality wholesale products. Our strong network of partnerships also enables us to source food and product ingredients from all over the world easily and cost-effectively.

With our head office located in Melbourne Victoria, we are well-positioned to meet local demand and to be accessible and
responsive to all your customer service needs

Quality Control  & Accreditations

Our products are of premium quality and processed using the highest quality standards (ISO22000), BRC, HACCP, USDA Organics, EU Organic, SEDEX, Kosher.

Using the latest manufacturing technology, our plant’s strict production methodology ensures that a consistent standard and
product output is maintained across all stages of the manufacturing process.

If you have any questions and, are looking for a trusted partner of organic and other natural products,
please call us on 1300 399 746 or send an email to [email protected].

Have questions?

If you have any questions and are looking for a trusted partner of organic and other natural products, please call us on 1300 399 746 or send an email to: [email protected]

Contact Franklands Foods


1300 399 746


[email protected]

national head office:

22 Winterton Road
Clayton, Victoria 3168