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Who are our customers?

Food Manufacturers

Our bulk ingredients are supplied to leading food manufacturers including ice cream, biscuit, breakfast cereal and health food manufacturers.

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you to provide you with customized solutions for your requirements.

We offer flexible pack sizes ranging from 1kg to 1,000 Kg (1 ton).


Cosmetic and Skin Care


Our bulk ingredients adhere to International quality standards and we take product quality very seriously.

Only the best equipment and most advanced technology is used during our own manufacturing processes.

We work across the board with small to large cosmetic and skin care manufacturers.

We offer flexible packing sizes ranging from 4lt to 1,000 lt.

Food Service &


We offer a comprehensive range of coconut products, both organic and other natural products, as well as a variety of superfood powders, organic spices, culinary oils, nuts and a range of other food products. We deliver to your door and if you’re looking for a wholesale food supplier offering a range of quality products at competitive prices to meet the needs of your hotel, restaurant, café catering and catering business please get in touch.

We offer flexible pack sizes ranging form 1kg to 1,000 Kg.

Supermarkets and Retailers

We work with a selection of retailers and can provide products as per their needs. 

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