Coconut is such a versatile ingredient. From coconut cream to coconut water and even desiccated coconut, the uses for this ingredient are endless. It is easy to see why many businesses in the food services industry use coconut and coconut products in their menu offerings.
Not only is coconut a versatile ingredient, but it is also extremely healthy. Low in carbs and high in healthy fats, coconut also contains protein, several important minerals as well as B vitamins.

Franklands Foods supply a variety of wholesale coconut products to the food services industry. We specialise in wholesale coconut products ranging from coconut milk to coconut oil. Below are some examples of the uses for coconut products in the food services industry.

Coconut products crucial to the restaurant industry

Coconut products are widely used in a range of different restaurants. Coconut milk is especially popular in Thai restaurants. Aside from curry paste, coconut milk is the second most important ingredient when preparing a Thai curry dish. Restaurants using such large quantities of coconut milk benefit from purchasing through a wholesale supplier such as Franklands. Franklands Organic Coconut Milk is 100% additive free and does not separate like store-bought brands of coconut milk do.
Some examples of delicious Thai dishes which showcase coconut milk as the hero ingredient include Massaman Beef Curry, Thai Green Chicken Curry (Gang Keow Wan), and Steamed Red Fish Curry (Haw Mok Plaa)

Other kinds of restaurants such as Malaysian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese also use coconut products in their menus. Coconut milk is not only used in curries but also in desserts and can even be used to make rice. Coconut rice can be made using Franklands Organic Coconut Milk and is a delicious alternative to regular rice, which adds an extra depth of flavour to the dishes that it is paired with.

Coconut products for cafes: Delicious Coconut Beverages

Cafes are benefiting from the health benefits and rising popularity of coconut and coconut products.
The uses for coconut products in the café industry are endless. Coconut smoothies healthy, filling and delicious. They are also a great Ketogenic menu offering to cater to customers who follow a Keto diet. By combining fresh strawberries and organic coconut cream along with the optional addition of a natural sweetener, you can create a beautiful but healthy “strawberries and cream” smoothie.

Another rising trend hitting the café industry is superfood lattes. Cafes are striving to create unique variations of the regular caffe latte. This includes turmeric lattes, beetroot lattes and purple ube lattes. Coconut milk can be used to create a deliciously nutty and creamy coconut latte. This can either be served as a warm drink or can even be created as an iced coconut latte.

Coconut wholesaler for your food services business

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