Wholesale Organic Coconut Cream from a BRC A grade facility

‘BRC’ is the standard global grading system for food safety. Our wholesale Organic Coconut Cream is produced in a BRC A grade certified facility under stringent quality standards.

Our production facility is in Sri Lanka, which means we have access to Sri Lanka’s finest coconuts. Our Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk are UHT (processed at ‘Ultra High Temperature’) and aseptically packed. Bacteria cannot survive the UHT process, which means totally pure, sterilised and additive free coconut cream is available for export to all around the world.  Our coconut cream is 100% additive free and is certified organic .

Our facility has the capacity to produce 30 metric tonnes of Organic Coconut Cream per day. Franklands is an organic coconut cream wholesaler, meaning we can supply  large volumes of  high quality Coconut Cream. We pass this advantage onto you, which is why wholesaler orders are a smart and economic option for your business.

Product  features

– Does not separate – Substitute Coconut Cream for a dairy alternative without worrying about a gluggy, separated product.

– Available in 18% and 24% fat contents – pick the amount to suit your recipes

– 100% Additive free, Vegan, Dairy-free and Gluten-Free (and UHT sterile of course).

Why Buy Wholesale Organic Coconut Cream?

Buying bulk Organic Coconut Creams saves your business money in the long run. Coconut Cream can be used for curries, soups, desserts, drinks, smoothies, vegan yoghurt, vegan ice-cream, and more! It is so delicious you’ll get through it quickly! Try a 20kg box of Organic Coconut Cream – you’ll be back for more of this reliable and useful vegan and dairy free ingredient. Get in touch about becoming a wholesale customer for bigger cost savings on organic coconut cream.

Wholesale Organic Coconut Cream (20kg box)

This is such a super versatile ingredient. Here are just a few ideas for how you can use coconut cream:

  • Milkshakes
  • Smoothies and cocktails
  • To make yoghurt
  • Ingredient for ice cream
  • Whip it up as a topping on desserts
  • Creamy porridge
  • Add to curries and soups


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